Single Coils


T-Archer Single Coil

T-Archer Single Coil pickups are hand-wound vintage boutique pickups with combination of Alnico magnets that take you back in time to the 50´s… from the classic twang to the gritty blues.

These pickups will put a smile on your face again…

We do a few other hotter types of these special pickups with neck cover or without, depending on your preferences:

  • T-Archer Hot Blood – overwound with higher output, tight and articulate, retaining the character of T-Archer pickups.
  • T-Archer Modern – different winding setup and wire/stronger magnets. A modern version of T-Archer that lets your solos stand out in the mix and shine on the stage …

Vintage, modern or custom… all of our handwound Werne boutique pickups are made of top quality materials, with specially selected wires and our secret „recipe“. We do pickups you fall in love with.

We only produce small quantities. Waiting list for our pickups is approx. 30-45 days from order.

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T-Archer Clean Neck - Middle - Bridge
T-Archer Jazz Song
T-Archer Rock Song