Brooker P90 Vintage

Brooker P90 Vintage pickup is the classic version of early P90´s, very popular among jazz and rock players and often called the Holly Grail pickup. They are dynamic, fuller & grittier than standard single coils with great sustain and well balanced string definition. We suggest using Alnico 5 magnets for brighter attack with more punch.

Brooker P90 Vintage is available in both Dogear or Soapbar version, with your choice of white, ivory, cream or black covers.

We do these other types to make your dreams come true:

  • Brooker P90+ overwound Vintage version, more gritty, with massive bottom end, bright highs great articulation and sustain. Even with more gain the notes stay sharp and full. Brooker P90+ cover all music styles up to Metal territory.
  • Brooker P90 HS – the same character as the Vintage version, enclosed into standard Humbucker size and can be easily changed without your guitar modification.
  • Brooker P90 HS Modern – similar to his bigger brother Brooker P90+ but with more modern voice. With fully charged Alnico V or ceramic magnets and thinner wire it produces higher output, great sustain and covers full range of progressive rock tones…

Vintage, modern or custom… all of our handwound Werne boutique pickups are made of top quality materials, with specially selected wires and our secret „recipe“. We do pickups you fall in love with.

We only produce small quantities. Waiting list for our pickups is approx. 30-45 days from order.

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The Stone Bone /bridge/ & Brooker P90+ /neck/ Rock song
Brooker P90 Modern - Hard Rock