Mini Humbuckers

The Firebone Vintage Mini Humbucker

The Firebone Vintage is the little brother of the The Stone Bone design of PAF Humbucker which produces very natural rich, transparent clear, bright and strongly defined tone.

Our asymmetrical handwound coils with 42AWG wire and Alnico 2 or V magnets produce great sustain and harmonic overtones.

The Firebone Vintage pickups combine the best tone experience of Humbuckers and P90 pickups design in their own way.

We do a few other types of these boutique pickups or specials on customer´s request:

  • The Firebone Vintage+ – overwound coils with higher output, tight and articulate with more sustain. Our best alternative to Firebird® Style pickups.
  • The Firebone Modern – a new version of The Firebone Vintage pickup with different winding setup and wire/stronger magnets is your ticket to play anything from pristine clear to fatter and fuller modern Rock sound.

Vintage, modern or custom… all of our handwound Werne boutique pickups are made of top quality materials, with specially selected wires and our secret „recipe“. We do pickups you fall in love with.

We only produce small quantities. Waiting list for our pickups is approx. 30-45 days from order.

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The Firebone Vintage Mini Humbucker