The Stone Bone

The Stone Bone is a sweet sounding humbucker, that has wonderful dynamics with warm bass, spacious mids and crystal high end.

Our version of ´58 PAF humbuckers will fulfill your expactations in every way – more natural sustain, clean and defined tone, even at higher gains.

Nickel Silver base plate, selected Plain enamel wire and Alnico magnets form the basic elements of this boutique pickup that is on it´s way to Hall of fame.

We also make „hotter“ types or specials on customer´s request:

  • The Nasty Bone – a vintage hot version of The Stone Bone pickup with higher output, harmonic overtones and dynamic headroom.

Our asymmetrical handwound coils produce great sustain, tight and defined bottom end with singing highs.

Due to their versatility and sound, they are among the most desired pickups.

  • The Black Bone – our most powerful humbucker version for any modern Hard Rock/Metal style. Special handwound coils, strong ceramic / Alnico magnets give punchy and tight bottom end, full mids and balanced highs. The pickups have their own character, chords are full and clean with excellent sustain, without sounding dull or muddy.
  • The Stone Bone SC – the Special Custom series are pickups made specifically to customer’s requests. Please contact us and let us know what´s your preference and your goal. 

Vintage, modern or custom… all of our handwound Werne boutique pickups are made of top quality materials, with specially selected wires and our secret „recipe“. We do pickups you fall in love with.

We only produce small quantities. Waiting list for our pickups is approx. 30-45 days from order.

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The Nasty Bone - Dirty Rock
The Stone Bone /bridge/ & Brooker P90+ /neck/ Rock song
The Black Bone - Metal song