Filtertron Style

The Moonshine

The Moonshine, our version of legendary Filtertron pickups sound very bright and lovely clean, full-bodied with superb dynamics.

In overdrive mode it has a creamy crunch without hum. With Alnico V magnets and 12 pole screws for adjusting the distance to each string they help to set your own very defined tone.

Excellent choice for Gretsch, Telecaster guitars or other vintage/custom instruments.

They shine in hollow body guitars as well as in solid body.

Chrome/Nickel/Gold/Black covers are available.

We do these hotter types to make your dreams come true:

  • The Moonshine Hot Rod – overwound pickups with higher output, slightly more compression and drive, push your tube preamp more hard to sing.
  • The Mad Moonshine – very hot winding and special wire/stronger magnets – is a very powerful version of The Moosnhine and opens the way into hard rock/metal gain territory .. The ideal thing for knocking the sound engineer off the stage.  

Vintage, modern or custom… all of our handwound Werne boutique pickups are made of top quality materials, with specially selected wires and our secret „recipe“. We do pickups you fall in love with.

We only produce small quantities. Waiting list for our pickups is approx. 30-45 days from order.

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The Moonshine
The Moonshine #2
The Moonshine #3